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High quality professional retouching, color correction
and copies for all of your photographic needs.


Welcome to JKL Studios. We provide a wide array of photographic and prepress services for both corporations and the general public. These services include:

  • COMPOSITING where several different pictures are blended into one.
  • RETOUCHING where glasses, braces, moles, scars, stray hairs, etc. can be removed.
  • COLORIZING black and white photographs or changing the colors in color photographs.
  • Creating pictures from SLIDES as well as negatives and original photos.
  • LIGHTENING pictures that are too dark.
  • Putting someone IN a picture or pulling someone OUT of a picture.
  • Adding TEXT to a photograph for personalization or historical purposes.
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    To view samples related to the type of images you are interested in, click on the appropriate CORPORATE, WEDDING, FAMILY or REPAIR button to the left. For tips on viewing the images of this site, click on the “About this site” link at the bottom of this page.

    JKL Studios is located in White Bear Lake, Minnesota.
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