About this web site

We have attempted throughout this web site to show the many types of digital changes that can be done by JKL Studios, LLC. If you don’t see anything that fits your needs, please contact us. It doesn't mean we can’t do it.

In order to correctly view this site you must have your computer set to display in at least 16-bit color mode (thousands of colors). The 8-bit (256 colors) mode will make everything look terrible. To set your display on a Macintosh, open the Monitors Control Panel and select ‘Thousands’ or ‘Millions’ of colors. Click OK. To set your color depth in Windows (version 95 or later), right-click on the desktop and choose Properties from the menu. Click the Settings tab on the resulting menu. Choose 16, 24 or 32-bit color from the drop down menu at the lower left. Click OK.

This site makes extensive use of ‘rollovers’ which means the image changes from a ‘before’ to an ‘after’ image as you roll your mouse pointer on-and-off it. If this ‘rollover’ feature isn't working on your computer, then you either have JavaScript (a software feature) disabled in your browser or your web browser is too old to display newer web features. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is also used on all pages. To support the features on this site, your browser must be version 4.0 or newer for Mozilla, Internet Explorer and Netscape. Safari 1.x supports these features. (Apologies to all those without the latest and greatest hardware and software… which means you could have purchased it yesterday and today it is obsolete.)

If the before and after effect is not working on the large samples, click on the image once and it will work. It shouldn't be necessary to do this, but it sometimes happens even on the same computer where some will work and others won't.

This site also uses ‘Flash’ animation. If you do not have the Flash plug-in for your browser, it is available FREE at Adobe. Click here to go to the page on their web site where you can download the Flash plug-in. Select the version you need for your operating system. For the Mac, download the player, then QUIT (shutdown) your web browser. INSTALL the Flash player and restart your web browser. For most Windows versions, the Flash player will be automatically installed without shutting down your browser. (Please do not contact us for technical support when downloading and installing this Flash software. Our technical staff spends too much time laughing and no work gets accomplished.)

If the images seem too dark on your computer screen (with the shadows being filled in and an overall reddish-blue cast to the photos), it is most likely the difference in the setup between your system and ours. Our system is set to a gamma of 1.8 with a 5000K white point and a neutral gray balance. For correct color viewing of these images, set your system to the same color balance as ours. (Oops. Sorry folks. Our technical guru got out of his cube again. If the gamma, white point and balance don’t mean squat to you, take heart. They don’t mean anything to the Marketing department either.)